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Postpress & Personalization
Postpress and Personalization
PEAK CARD offers a variety of postpress and personalization service, we have the advanced equipments and sophisticated technology and are capable of meeting customer requirements in a short time.

Signature Panel
Signature panel can be processed on the front or back of the card, the signature panel is usually white or clear coating for signing.
Signature Panel white White   Signature Panel transparent Transparent

Thermal Printing
Bar codes, text, numbers, names and pin number can be thermal printed on card surface.
We can make the size and font in accordance with customer request, special fonts required by the customers.
We can offer printing colors include black, white, gold, silver, blue and so on.
Barcode Printing gold Printing blue Printing sliver

Card embossing can be embossed from the card edge 4mm or less in the specified position, embossing come in large (OCR) or simplex characters, which can be words or numbering, For English word can only be simplex characters.
Embossing Cards  
Characters are usually tipped in gold or silver foil.
Tipping gold   Tipping sliver

Magnetic Encoding
We offer low-density and high-density magnetic encoding services, according to customer request, we can encode on the Track1 (Track2 or Track3), in the meantime, we can do thermal printing or embossing.

Laser marking
Barcard Cards  
We can provide laser marking processing. Text, number, barcodes and UID No. can be lasered on surface of the card. laser marking colors include black and orange.

Hologram Hot Stamping
Hologram hot stamping can increase the card security features, it is suitable for high-security applications, such anti-counterfeiting technology has been widely applied in banking credit card and ID card.
We offer hologram hot stamping postpress service, the customer can also delegate us to do holographic anti-counterfeit mark.

Hot Stamping
Hot Stamping
Hot stamp printing is achieved by using pressure and heat to affix colored foil into the plastic surface, foil colors including: gold, silver, copper, black, red, green, blue, etc.
※ We offer a variety of free samples so that customers can choose the color they would like.

Spot UV Printing
Spot UV Printing  
UV coating is a glossy coating that can be applied on trademark and image of card, UV coating bring out vibrant colors and have a stronger three-dimensional.

UV Invisible Printing
UV (Ultraviolet) ink is invisible under regular illumination. By viewing the card under UV light, all logos, design structures or texts become visible either in blue, red or green/yellow. The UV printing element cannot be copied.

Hole Punching
Hole1 Hole2  
Hole can be punched in the centre of a card edge which is 3mm in from the card edge, the hole shape can be round or other shapes.