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Custom Lanyards
PEAK CARD offer custom lanyard services, production time on proofing orders is 2-4 working days from proof approval, for standard orders only take 6-10 working days to complete.
Our staff have a professional design and production knowledge of custom lanyard, according to your request, we offer free design and email a photo-realistic proof to you for approval, will make your purchase procedure becomes easy and simple.
Lanyard Material   Standard Size Lanyard:
1 Polyester   • Normal Lanyards (W: 2.0 cm,H: 45 x 2cm)
2 Nylon   • Narrow Lanyards (W: 1.0 cm,H: 45 x 2cm)
Generic Background Colors
Black Gary White Red Orange Yellow Green Purple Blue Navy
※ Except for common colors, custom colors are also available upon request, we can dye spot color lanyard-even more other colors.

Screen-printing Lanyards
Screen printing is applied to simple designs and text, your text and designs are silk screen printed onto all materials, this is the most popular type of lanyard.
Color of screen printing has a high accuracy, color difference is small, but it is not suitable for the intricate patterns.
Screen-printing Lanyards
Screen-printing Lanyards

Heat-transferred Printing Lanyards
Heat transferred printing allows for the clearest printed details and the most intricate designs. The lanyard material of heat transferred is usually polyester rather than Nylon.
Heat-transferred Printing Lanyards
Heat-transferred Printing Lanyards

Woven-logo Satin Lanyards
Woven-logo is applied to simple designs and text, however, intricate designs will not be legible on this type.
Woven-logo Satin Lanyards
Woven-logo Satin Lanyards